Thursday, September 18, 2008

Our puppy!

I thought that I would make up for nearly a month of no blogging so here you go-

I had some dear friends over to visit the other day and while we were enjoying ourselves on the Wii...

Bailey made herself at home in our purses.


A Healing Within said...

Alicia, I thought she had thrown up on the carpet until I blew the picture up.

Angel Rogers said...

I thought the title would have been dum dum eats a dum dum...but you know how much I love dogs! :)

emblair said...

Smart dog...knows where to find the good stuff!

Ku'ulei said...

Ha ha!

Two thoughts -
Sneaky Bailey!
What good mom doesn't have a stash of these life saving yumminess on a stick in every bag/purse. It buys us a few minutes of peace and quiet when needed. :)